My name is Cesare Giulio Ardito. I am a pure mathematician, currently a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I am originally from Rome, Italy, where I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at Sapienza University of Rome.
I expect to complete my PhD soon, so I am currently on the job market.

You can always find an up-to-date copy of my academic CV on this website.

I am currently working on a modular representation theory problem, classifying blocks with an elementary abelian defect group of order 32 or 64 up to Morita equivalences, under the supervision of Charles Eaton. I am also working on other (more or less) related problems, still concerning equivalences of blocks of finite groups.

I organized the Manchester Research Students Conference (MRSC) in 2019 (conference page).

I want teaching to be an integral part of my academic career. In 2019, I was awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. For my teaching activities in this semester, see Teaching.

I offer private lessons in Mathematics at all levels. For more information, see Private tuition.

In general, I have an extremely proactive personality flat128x128075t.u1, so I always get involved in many different things that interest me. When I am not doing maths I am usually hiking somewhere, playing board games or role-playing games, or simply at the pub. I am also a volunteer for the RSPB.